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Declared Noxious Weeds

Declared noxious weeds are proclaimed by Order of the Minister for Primary Industries. There is a legal requirement on all landowners and occupiers to control these weeds once declared.

Below is an alphabetical list of weeds that are declared noxious in one or more of the Local Control Authority areas of the Southern Tablelands and South Coast region. For more detailed information click the name of the weed you are interested in. There are a small number of weeds which are listed throughout NSW as noxious in class 1 or 5 for which no information is presented on this website. These are generally either rare or not yet present in NSW, or in some cases not present in Australia. If you want more information about these species a Google search on the scientific name will usually provide information and images. It is better to use the scientific name because it is constant throughout the world, while common names can vary from place to place. Scientific names can be found in the PDF links below.

There are two PDF links at the foot of this page. The larger provides information about the different classes of noxious weed and an alphabetic listing of all the weeds listed as noxious in NSW in classes 1-5. The smaller is a table of only the weeds listed as noxious in the Southern Tablelands and South Coast region.

As of January 2013, the meanings of the classes of noxious weeds are as follows:

Class 1 (state prohibited weeds) and Class 2 (regionally prohibited weeds) must be eradicated from the land and the land must be kept free of the plant. The purpose of these classes is to keep the state, or some part of the state free of weeds which have proven to be very invasive elsewhere. Class 1 and 2 weeds are notifiable weeds, that is if you suspect their occurrence on your land you must inform your local Council weed control staff.

Class 3 noxious weeds must be fully and continuously suppressed and destroyed in the region in which they are so listed, with the purpose of reducing the area of infestation and the negative impact of infestations in those regions.

For Class 4 weeds, the growth of the plant must be managed in a manner that reduces its numbers, spread and incidence and continuously inhibits its reproduction. The objective is to minimise the negative impact of these weeds on the economy, community or environment. Class 4 weeds are generally those which are already well established in the region in which they are so listed.

Class 5 weeds include notifiable weeds which are not established in NSW yet, or only scattered occurrences are known, and weeds which may have been sold as garden or aquarium plants, but which are now prohibited from sale due to their weed potential. The objective of this listing is to prevent the introduction of these weeds to NSW, or their spread within NSW or from NSW to other states.

Declared Noxious Weeds

Common Name

African Boxthorn African feathergrass African Lovegrass
Alligator Weed Arrowhead Athel tree
Bathurst Burr Bitou Bush Black Knapweed
Blackberry Blue hound's tongue Boneseed
Bridal creeper Broomrapes Buffalo Burr
Burr ragweed Cabomba Californian Cockle Burrs
Cape Broom Chilean Needle Grass Chinese violet
Columbus Grass Crofton Weed Dense waterweed
Devils Claw - Purple flowered Devils Claw - Yellow flowered Dodder
Eurasian watermilfoilFireweed Fountain Grass
Giant Parramatta Grass Gorse
Green Cestrum Groundsel Bush Harrisia Cactus
Hawkweed Hemlock Horehound
Horsetail Johnson Grass Karoo thorn
Kochia Koster's curseLantana
Largarosiphon Long-style Feather Grass Mesquite
Mexican Feather Grass Mexican poppy Miconia
MikaniaMistflower Mysore thorn
Nodding Thistle Noogoora Burr Pampas Grass
Parkinsonia Parthenium Weed Paterson's Curse
Perennial Canada Thistle Perennial Ragweed Pond Apple
Prickly Pear Prickly Acacia Privet - Broad-leaf
Privet - Narrow-leaf Rhus Tree Sagittaria
Salvinia Scotch/English Broom
Scotch/Illyrian/Stemless Thistle Senegal Tea Plant Serrated Tussock
Siam weed Silver Leaf Nightshade Spanish broom
Spiny Burrgrass Spotted Knapweed Star Thistle
St John's Wort Sweet Briar Tree of Heaven
Tropical soda appleViper's Bugloss Water Caltrop
Water Hyacinth Water Lettuce
Water Pennywort
Wild Radish Willows Witchweed

NSW Noxious weeds list 2012 NSW Noxious weeds list 2012 616.1 KB
Regional noxweed list Regional noxweed list 64.63 KB